Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What I find fascinating is the concept that history has a goal, that it is teleological.

"What might that goal be?" you ask, and I say, "It's what so many people are talking about." Some speak of free energy or zero point energy or vortex based mathematics or desktop black holes. Others talk about harmonic sphere flux resonators, a Golden Age of peace and enlightenment, all that sort of thing.

Some expect to find their perfect love and never again be parted. Others think they will be drinking that free “Bubble Up” and eating that “Rainbow Stew.”  Surfers just want a good wave to ride whether there is a Golden Age or not. It’s all kinds of things to all kinds of people.

I think there is a new age coming, a new dawn or Golden Age or whatever you want to call it, and I think it has been evolving ever since it was lost. I say lost because I think there have been Golden Ages on the earth in the past that for one reason or another didn’t make it, and I think they didn’t make it because woman wasn’t in her rightful place next to man.

This Golden Age that is coming is about putting woman back in her rightful place next to man. The culture can rise no higher than the place where the woman is. As Emma and I say, “Men and women are equal, they just do different things.”  I spoke in an earlier blog about how twin flames are the basis of the equality between man and woman because God created souls in pairs, one masculine and one feminine, and therefore men and women are equal.

Yes, I think a Golden Age is coming, and I think it is about raising up woman on the earth and about twin flames reuniting.

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