Thursday, January 26, 2017

I just created a new logo for our current and future publications:

The image is from a statue of Francis Bacon. I recently read a Francis Bacon biography by Alfred Dodd titled "Francis Bacon's Personal Life-Story." In the preface he states that he needed to write the biography because other biographers "...are content with sketching the 'outer man,' rejecting on a priori grounds that Francis Bacon was either a concealed poet or of royal birth, the founder of secret societies or an ethical teacher; and neither seems to have the faintest idea of his prime aim in life or the proper interpretation of The Great Instauration,.."  That being said ,Alfred went off and outdid himself and wrote a fantastic biography, a true account of a truly great man.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Allow me to share with you in a nutshell my thoughts on twin flames. 

I think that souls are created in pairs in the image of God and I think that God is also a twin flame. 

I think of creation as a hierarchy of twin flames, and without getting into why or what separated twin flames, I think that it is the destiny of our universe for twin flames to reunite so the creation can be as God designed it to be. 

Each twin flame is the other half of the Tai Chi and this is the basis for the equality of man and woman. You don't see this equality in the world and in my opinion that is the fundamental imbalance that is bringing the world down. 

As I see it, the reuniting of twin flames is the biggest issue facing the earth today because that is the only way the earth can get back in balance. Twin flames represent a perfect give and take, a perfect resonance, and if we had this resonance in the world the world would be transformed.

William Moore

Sunday, January 1, 2017

One of the themes of our book is “Follow your heart and you will always end up where your soul needs to be.” At first blush this statement seems like a romantic fantasy, like a lover’s wishful dream. Only dreamers follow their hearts and expect to end up where they need to be. It sounds like so much fluff and not something to be taken seriously by the practical and pragmatic individual.

But in truth the heart knows. The heart is an eternal fountain of wisdom and it speaks with the still, small voice. In blunt terms, what this theme claims is that Spirit, or the Universe, or God, or the Buddha, or the Christ, or whatever you want to call it has the next best step for you to take at every juncture and if you listen, if you follow your heart, you will get there.

Oh, there are so many outrageous claims going around about what God can do for you, and so many people are in pain and there doesn’t seem to be any way out. Why listen to this still, small voice? How do I know it’s for real? What if it’s a fake or an imposter? I’ve prayed so many times and nothing happened.  I need something to happen right now. This little voice is getting me into trouble, it’s not getting me where I want to go and it’s taking way too long. This could go on forever and it’s really a downer.

Some say that God always does what is best for you, but when you are suffering it’s hard to believe that that could possibly be what’s best for you. But God is trying to get you back to him, he is trying to bring you home, and he is doing all he can to get you to return to him.

Looking at the way things are on the earth it doesn’t seem possible that God is allowing all this to happen, that God could really be in control. But if God’s heart stopped beating for even a moment everything else would come to a halt and cease to be.  There is only one source of energy and Light and that pulse of energy is what animates everything. Evil on this earth has no Light, it has no real power, it is allowed to exist in the hopes that it will turn around and come back to the Light.

And so The Heart Chasers is a romantic story but it is quite dramatic because Meg and Michael are fighting to understand and fighting to listen and fighting to get it right. It is a battle of good vs. evil within the soul and it is fierce, it is the ultimate battle.

Do Meg and Michael follow their hearts, and do they end up where their souls need to be? Read the story and laugh and cry as they fight and dare to give up everything and everyone for what they know to be true.