Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What I find fascinating is the concept that history has a goal, that it is teleological.

"What might that goal be?" you ask, and I say, "It's what so many people are talking about." Some speak of free energy or zero point energy or vortex based mathematics or desktop black holes. Others talk about harmonic sphere flux resonators, a Golden Age of peace and enlightenment, all that sort of thing.

Some expect to find their perfect love and never again be parted. Others think they will be drinking that free “Bubble Up” and eating that “Rainbow Stew.”  Surfers just want a good wave to ride whether there is a Golden Age or not. It’s all kinds of things to all kinds of people.

I think there is a new age coming, a new dawn or Golden Age or whatever you want to call it, and I think it has been evolving ever since it was lost. I say lost because I think there have been Golden Ages on the earth in the past that for one reason or another didn’t make it, and I think they didn’t make it because woman wasn’t in her rightful place next to man.

This Golden Age that is coming is about putting woman back in her rightful place next to man. The culture can rise no higher than the place where the woman is. As Emma and I say, “Men and women are equal, they just do different things.”  I spoke in an earlier blog about how twin flames are the basis of the equality between man and woman because God created souls in pairs, one masculine and one feminine, and therefore men and women are equal.

Yes, I think a Golden Age is coming, and I think it is about raising up woman on the earth and about twin flames reuniting.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Are prime numbers the building blocks of reality?

Anthony Morris at New Understandings thinks so, and he offers compelling arguments in his introductory video on the numerical universe.

Here is a graphic from his introductory video, and it is truly amazing:

I ran into Anthony Morris’ video after looking at Bo Constantinsen's What music really is website where Bo explains his classification of numbers, which is fascinating.  As he explains there are 3 types of numbers: Primary(1), Secondary(2), and Tertiary(3). The pattern repeats 1-2-3, 2-1-3 as Bo illustrates with his beautiful graphics that are simple and direct and easy to understand.  

When you see his classification you can more readily understand Anthony’s graphic above. What is truly amazing in Anthony’s graphic is that all of the prime numbers come from the 1,4,7 and the 2,5,8 family groups. Prime numbers are the building blocks because they are stable, being only divisible by 1 or themselves or by another prime. Using mod 9 arithmetic you can break down each prime number into either a number from the 1,4,7 group or the 2,5,8 group.  And of course there is a great explanation of the numbers 1 through 9 in the Number Nine Code.

And so what does all this have to do with twin flames? My theory is that twin flames are God’s technology for creating all things; they are at the heart of creation, and creation expresses itself mathematically.  A fundamental expression of twin flames, in my opinion, is the Star of David that is at the core of the torus, at the core of vortex based mathematics

William Moore, The Heart Chasers

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Heart Chasers is more than just a fluffy book of fiction or a beautiful romantic tale; this is a book that reaches to the very core of the issues that are facing the world today. The web is exploding with information about sacred geometry, and main line science is aligning more and more with it. I like to imagine that what is behind the universe, the manifested universe, is "twin flame technology." 

If it's beautiful, if it's symmetrical, if it's harmonic, then it's twin flame technology. The word technology is derived from the Greek words techne and logos. Techne means art or skill, and so technology is the art of the logos, and the logos is expressed through twin flames. As discussed in an earlier blog God is both masculine and feminine as depicted in the Tai Chi. God is a twin flame and souls are created in God's likeness, i.e. as twin flames. 

When I say a "twin flames," I mean that each soul is the other half of the Tai Chi and that there is a masculine half and a feminine half. Each soul has a unique electronic blueprint that distinguishes it from other souls, and each half of the soul shares the same electronic blueprint. Since they share the same electronic blueprint they are called twins, and they are called twin flames because of their Light, their spiritual fire, their pure potential.
The web is exploding with new information about science and sacred geometry, and it is indeed fascinating. Many are postulating that the universe is fractal and holographic, and that at every scale from atom to solar system and beyond you see the same pattern. It's all about "As above, so below," meaning that the same pattern that is above is also below. There is a hierarchy of the same fundamental patterns. Some are postulating that the universe is a torus and that the electron is also a torus. Some postulate that the origin of everything is a point, and that point is the center of a torus, and a black hole is energy flowing in and a white hole is energy flowing out.

Pythagoras said, "All is number." The new field of vector based mathematics says that there are only nine numbers. There is fascinating information about the structure of space on the cosmometry website.

I particular like the view that at the center of every vibration, every wave, is the heart of God, and God is a twin flame and God creates other twin flames in his/her image. God is both masculine and feminine. God is in the center of everything and from that center God energizes everything. You might say that Alpha and Omega are the highest pair of twin flames in our universe. Mathematically, it might be described like the following ( from rex research). You can skip the scientific stuff if you like, but for the scientifically minded:

The process of reducing a number down to one digit is practiced in mainstream science. Buckminster Fuller called these digits integrated digits, or "indig 9". This process is sometimes called casting out nines, and it's similar to modular arithmetic or taking "mod 9" of a number, except that instead of 0 when there is no remainder you have a 9. I think of it as going around the circuit a certain number of times, just like a clock where there are only 12 numbers. It's not 15 o'clock, or 27 o'clock, or 39 o'clock, it's 3 o'clock. I think of each new time around the circuit as a new harmonic, a new whole number multiple. You can see that if you do take the single digits of the Fibonacci sequence you get a repeated pattern every 24 numbers, and if you keep doubling starting with 1 you get 1,2, 4, 8, 7,5 as a repeating sequence.

It is all quite fascinating, and twin flames are at the heart of it.

I dedicate this blog to my beautiful wife Emma, who is my foundation and my inspiration. My purpose for this blog is twofold. I want to announce that there are only a few remaining copies of our book that is featured on www.emma-moore.com. It is entitled "The Heart Chasers, A Tale of Twin Flames."

Our book is about two souls who are looking for each other without knowing who the other one is or where the other one is or whether or not the other one exists. It's packed with action and drama and tears and laughter. The story is about how these two souls find their way to each other under the most trying of conditions and circumstances. Above all it is a story and it doesn't force a point of view upon the reader, but there is a theme, there is this concept of twin flames. You can describe this concept in any number of ways, or label it any way you want, but the idea is that souls are created in pairs and each is the other half of the Tai Chi. What defines a soul, what makes one soul different from another soul and makes each soul unique is the soul's electronic blueprint. The electronic blueprint is the soul's unique identity and it's reason for being. Twin flames have the same electronic blueprint, and twin flames are the basis of the equality between men and women. Another theme of the book is that "Men and women are equal, they just do different things." These themes just naturally arise as the story is told and many other themes arise naturally as well. The universe itself is bringing these two souls together because they are the underlying architecture of the universe and the universe is seeking to right itself.

My second purpose for this blog is to discuss what twin flames are,to discuss the science of twin flames, why twin flames have been separated, and what it means for the world when they are reunited.  There are many, many themes in this book, and we will discuss those. For example, are there any examples of twin flames in history? What can we learn from them? What were they meant to be doing together? Did they manage to pull it off? Are they still trying to pull it off? Is there a structure or hierarchy of twin flames anywhere in the universe, and is that structure meant to extend to the earth? What is this structure like? Does it have anything to do with the geometry of space? Is it the underlying structure of the universe itself?  What about twin flames and how they resonate together? If twin flames are separated, what happens to the underlying geometry of the universe and to the flow of energy? We will discuss all of this and much more, and of course we will also talk about this and that and chat and share in general about all kinds of stuff.

You could say that the woman is the foundation and the man is the roof. They go together in perfect harmony.  There has to be love and harmony at the core for anything to come about, for anything to be created.

Twin flames can resonate together in a very profound way, and twin flames can resonate in a not so profound way. It depends on the evolution of each soul and how far the soul has come on its way back to God, on its way back to the Light.

And so on with the show. I hope you check out our website at www.emma-moore.com, and together we will explore just what twin flames are all about, discuss The Heart Chasers, and chat and share in general.