Sunday, February 19, 2017

What is a twin flame?

I don’t know what the statistics are about how many people know what a twin flame is and how many people don’t know, but I hope that this article will be read and fill in the gaps for people who have heard about twin flames but don’t have a good grip on the concept and I also hope this article will be read by people who have never heard of twin flames.

I think that the term “flame” can be misleading. A flame is a flame, as in a candle or a match or even a forest fire. I have never thought of a flame as having any real individuality, any separate identity from any other flame.  I suppose people will tell you that flames dance and burn in all kinds of ways, but I see that as a result of ambient conditions and not something to do with different kinds of flames.  Looking at one flame to the next I can’t see how you could pair up any two individual flames and say they are twins.

We all know what a twin is, but when we hear “twin flame” the juxtaposition of the two words doesn’t give us a good mental image.  We need to get to the bottom of what is meant by a flame and how a flame can have a twin. The concept behind this is that God is Light, God is energy, and God’s children are Light and energy.  We speak of souls as sparks of God, and this is where the concept of a flame comes in.  Each soul has a unique identity, a unique blueprint. Instead of saying “twin flame”, we could say “identical blueprint,” or “twin blueprint.” “Twin flame” seems to have more zing to it so it has stuck.

God created his children in his own image, and of course this has many different interpretations. The interpretation here is that God is both male and female, and when God creates a soul in his/her image that soul has a male part and a female part, and each part has the same blueprint. Each part is the same soul, but one part has the masculine polarity and one part has the feminine polarity.

We have all heard the Biblical statement, “What God has put together let no man tear asunder,” or something like that, and many take it to mean that when two people are married let no man dork with it, and let no woman dork with it. I think that statement has a deeper meaning and that it applies to twin flames. It could just as well be said, “Let no one dork with twin flames and separate them.”  Each soul has one and only one twin flame and each soul belongs with his or her twin flame. Twin flames have a raison d’être, and they are essential to the creation. They are at the core of creation and they are the underlying structure of creation.

But lo and behold, someone went ahead and dorked with twin flames in a major way and separated them, and as a result the earth has descended into a kind of a hell, a kind of a torture chamber where life is not the way God intended it to be. 

Each twin flame is the other half of the Tai Chi and this is the basis for the equality of man and woman. You don't see this equality in the world and in my opinion that is the fundamental imbalance that is bringing the world down. 

As I see it, the reuniting of twin flames is the biggest issue facing the earth today because that is the only way the earth can get back in balance. Twin flames represent a perfect give and take, a perfect resonance, and if we had this resonance in the world the world would be transformed.

William Moore
The Heart Chasers

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