Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Allow me to share with you in a nutshell my thoughts on twin flames. 

I think that souls are created in pairs in the image of God and I think that God is also a twin flame. 

I think of creation as a hierarchy of twin flames, and without getting into why or what separated twin flames, I think that it is the destiny of our universe for twin flames to reunite so the creation can be as God designed it to be. 

Each twin flame is the other half of the Tai Chi and this is the basis for the equality of man and woman. You don't see this equality in the world and in my opinion that is the fundamental imbalance that is bringing the world down. 

As I see it, the reuniting of twin flames is the biggest issue facing the earth today because that is the only way the earth can get back in balance. Twin flames represent a perfect give and take, a perfect resonance, and if we had this resonance in the world the world would be transformed.

William Moore

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